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Chun-li’s “Shanghai Kick!”… and Cooking Bibimbap with Friends

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지난 주 금요일에는 스캇이 놀러와서 쿠키 굽고 비디오 게임하며 놀았다. 90년대 초 유행했던 “스트리트 파이터 II” 그리고 게임 캐럭터 춘리… 고등학생 때 오락실 자주 가면서 춘리 캐럭터에 참 익숙해 졌다. 스캇 왈 자기도 춘리를 좋아했다고 한다. “버드 스핀 킥”을 “샹하이 킥”이라고 부르는 스캇… ㅋㅋㅋ

Last Friday my friend Scott came over for dinner and to hang. I had some pre-made cookie dough, so we finished off our dinner with home-made chocolate cookies! We even had some goofy fun with it by making our names. And we played Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii game which I just purchased the day before. We both grew up playing Street Fighter II in the early 90s and our favorite character was Chun-li. Her bird spin kick was very impressive at that time. Scott remembered it “Shanghai kick!” Well, I have no idea what she was shouting when she was doing that kick, but in the current Wii game, she says, “Bird spin kick!” so that’s what I call it.

어제는 감제, 잭, 로빈이 놀러와서 비빔밥을 해 먹었다. 비빔밥 요리하기는 그리 어렵지 않은데 재료를 하나 하나 볶아야 하기 때문에 시간이 좀 걸린다. 결국에는 다 섞을 건데… 섞기 전 10초 동안의 눈의 즐거움을 위하여 고생했다. 그래도 친구한테 한국 요리 소개하고 같이 시간을 보내는 것 자체가 좋은 것이다.

Meanwhile, yesterday I asked Zach to stop by on his way to home from work because I wanted him to pick up my mail from our office mailroom. (My apartment is on his way home.) I cooked zaru soba and bibimbap. Our friends Gamze and Robin joined us and we had such a good time, drinking blue moon and eating.


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May 26, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Recipe: Hot Toddy

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어제 저녁 바로 밑에 층에 사는 베티나가 팟럭파티(pot-luck party: 초대 받은 사람들이 조금씩 음식을 가져오는 파티)를 열었다. 무슨 음식을 가져갈 까 생각하다가 稲荷寿司(유부초밥)과 야채 御握り(김밥)를 가져가기로 했다. (채식주의자들이 종종 있으므로 이런 음식들을 모르는 사람들이 오는 파티에 가져가며 좋다.) 미국 사람들은 자기가 모르는 음식에 대해 약간 까다로우므로 작은 카드에 음식을 소개하는 글을 적어서 가져갔다.

파티가 밤으로 저물자 속풀이를 하는 따듯한 음료수를 사람들이 찾았다. 마침 위스키가 있어서 핫타디를 만들었다.


Last evening Betina who lives downstairs hosted a pot-luck party for her friend who is going away. Out of bordom for the Friday evening, I decided to attend it and also to say hi to my neighbor. I thought of what food to bring to the party and then figured I should bring some veggie dishes. (It is often times a safe bet when you attend a party by people that you do not really know because there can be some vegetarians.) I decided to bring inarizushi (fried bean curd sushi) and kimchi onigiri (rice balls with kimchi stuffed inside) to the party, along with a card that has descriptions of the ingredients.

I’ve met some people at the party and said hi to them. Later in the party towards the night some craved for a hot tea drink. Xtina and her friend made a hot toddy with whiskey. I did not know about the drink, so I documented it to review it later. Here is the video:

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March 9, 2010 at 3:46 pm