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Korean Seafood Kimchi Pancake Recipe

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요즘 김치전을 자주 만든다. 친구들이 점심, 저녁 먹으로 올때마다 거의 애피타이저로 서빙했다. 오늘은 비도 주루룩 오고 해서 해물을 첨가해 해물김치전으로 업그레이드!

아~~ 소주 땡긴다.

I often make kimchi pancakes these days. When my friends come over for lunch or dinner, I serve kimchi pancakes as an appetizer. Well, meanwhile today I made an upgrade version of kimchi pancake by adding seafoods–shrimp and scallops. Also it rained today. What a meal to eat!

One thing that was missing was soju! God damn it!

아, 그리고 원더걸즈 요새 미국-캐나다 투어 중이다. 7월에 보스톤에서 공연하는데 갈까 말까 고민 중… 유튜브로 어제 워싱턴 디씨에서 공연한 걸 봤는데 재미있을 것 같다. 그런데 50불 내고 혼자 가기 그렇다. 그냥 다음에 한국 갈 때 KBS, MBC 뭐 이런데서 방청권 구해서 소녀시대나 볼 까?

By the way, my favorite k-pop girl group Wonder Girls (the girl band whose latest single is used in this video as the background music) is touring in the U.S. and Canada. They will be performing in Boston in mid July. It seems it will be a really fun concert. (I watched some clips from their performance in D.C. yesterday on YouTube.) But I’m still debating whether to go or not. (I’m poor these days because I’m unemployed for the summer and also it seems that my local friends are culturally close-minded.) Well, maybe I will have to wait until I take a trip to Korea next time and watch other girl groups on free k-pop concerts.


Written by asianlikeme

June 6, 2010 at 10:42 pm

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